Frequently Asked Questions



How do I start using SubNow?
1. Create your team. (Commence a SubNow Pro subscription free trial if your team has more than 6 players)
2. Add your players. Photos and notes can be included.

3. Drag and drop players into their starting status and rotation sequence for the game.

On Field – Rotating

On Field – Not Rotating

On Bench

Not Playing

4. Click NEXT

5. Click GAME FORMAT and set the Total Game Time and Breaks

6. Click ROTATION SETTINGS to set your rotation period and number of subs per rotation or simply use the default Equal Time Rotation Plan.

7. Click NEXT

8. Review full rotation plan and click BACK to edit if necessary.

9. Press “Play” button when game commences

10. Rotate players as per rotation plan when the SubNow alert sounds

11. Tick off the rotations that have been completed as you follow the plan

12. If an unplanned event occurs that affects the number of subs or the players on the field then click EDIT to toggle to the Full Team View and make the changes.

13. Click EDIT to return to the Rotation Plan View where the rotation plan will have been automatically updated to cater for the unplanned change.

14. Remember to press play again to restart SubNow after each break. (Use fast forward to catch up time if you are late in pressing play)

What rules does SubNow use to calculate the rotation plan?

By default SubNow calculates an Equal Time Rotation Plan that gives all players equal game time. When the "Minimum Rotations" option is switched ON the number of times each player rotates is minimised while retaining equal game time. The Equal Time Rotation Plan requires all subs to rotate at each rotation.

The default Equal Time Rotation Plan is not always practical and it can therefore be replaced with a Customised Rotation Plan by manually setting the time between rotations and the number of subs per rotation.

What happens if a player arrives late?
Any player who has been marked as “Not Playing” can be added to the rotation after the game has commenced by clicking EDIT to open the Full Team View, clicking on the player and setting their status to “On Bench”. The rotation period will not change but the number of subs will have increased and the rotations will now include the additional player. The other option is to Exit the game in SubNow. Add the late player to the bench, restart the game in SubNow and then fast forward the game clock to catch up to the real game time.

Can I use other programs or apps on my device during a game?
Yes. The SubNow game clock continues when SubNow is not the active app. 

What if I want don’t want to rotate all my subs at each rotation?

Repace the Equal Time Rotation Plan with a Customised Rotation Plan by clicking on the ROTATION SETTINGS screen and editing the SUBS PER ROTATION and TIME BETWEEN ROTATIONS to your preference.

How do I change the rotation order?
Prior to starting the game drag and drop players up and down on the PLAYERS screen to set the order of rotation and who is starting on the bench and in goal (if applicable). A counter shows how many people are in each status so you can check the correct number of players are on-the field.

What happens if a player gets injured during a game? 
Tap on the EDIT button to open the Full Team View, select the injured player and move them out of the game by clicking the X status. You will then be asked which player on the bench will be replacing the injured player on the field. Click EDIT to return to the Rotation Plan View. SubNow will have updated the rotation plan for the remaining rotations to exclude the injured player. 

What if I have a non-rotating goal keeper and/or wish to rotate goal keeper only at half time?
On the Players Screen place your goal keeper in the Not Rotating area (glove icon) to have then on the field but excluded them from the rotation plan. To change goal keeper during the game click on the EDIT button to open the Full Team View, click on the player who is the new goal keeper, change their status to ‘Goal Keeper’ (glove icon). You will be asked to pick the player to sub with and the current goal keepers name will appear. Click on their name and the swap will be made. If put On Field then the ex-goalkeeper will be sequenced as having just been rotated onto the field. If put On Bench then the ex-goalkeeper will be sequenced as having just rotated off the field.

What if I want to my goal keeper to be part of the main rotation plan?

If your goal keeper is included in the player rotation plan then DO NOT set a goal keeper for your game. Do not give any player the "Gloves" status. This often occurs in social Futsal when goal keepers can be easily changed at any time during the game.

Can I save team player and game settings?
Yes. Team players and the previous game settings are saved on your device and will be loaded when you select that team. The player line-up and status from the end of the previous game is saved. This ensures that by default, players take turns at being on the bench at the start of each game.

What does ‘Prepare Subs’ warning mean?
One minute prior to the next rotation an audible beep and ‘Prepare Subs’ warning will sound. This gives time to ensure players are ready on the sideline and know who they will be replacing.

How can I record more information about a player?
Notes and a photo can be stored against each player and viewed on the game screen by clicking on the player. Information could include player surname, parent names, contact details, preferred playing position, jersey number etc.

What if I don’t agree with the recommended rotation pairing?
The ‘next rotation’ pairs shown on the game screen can be changed by dragging and dropping the Next On player up or down by holding the move icon (three lines) to the right of their name. Clicking on the player displays notes that can be used to determine appropriate rotation pairing. (e.g. replace defender with defender) 


What is SubNow?

SubNow is a savvy iPhone App to allow easy management of player rotations in junior or social team sports where fair sharing of game time is desired. 

Is there an Android Version of SubNow?

Yes there is a free Android version of SubNow available on Google Play but it is original release version. Our development effort is currently focused on continually improving the iPhone version which has a paid subscription option. These FAQs all refer to the iPhone version.

What does SubNow cost?

SubNow is free for one team of up to 6 players which suits 4v4 small sided football. For larger or multiple teams an annual $19.90 subscription is required via an In-App purchase. This provides Eloy and I funds and motivation to continue improving SubNow. Without  the support of subscribers SubNow cannot continue. It also prevents us having to use annoying advertising to cover our development costs.

How can I try SubNow before purchasing?

The free version of SubNow allows 1 team of up to 6 players and includes a Demo Team with 15 players to allow you to explore how SubNow would work for your typical player numbers and game settings. A SubNow Pro subscription comes with a 14 day free trial period..   To unsubscribe during the trial period (and any other time) goto the YOUR TEAMS screen and press on the settings icon the top left corner. Then click the Manage Subscription button which will open SubNow in the App Store and allow you to click Unsubscribe.

How do I transfer SubNow to a different phone or reinstall SubNow on the same phone?

Install free version of SubNow from the App Store. To retrieve your subscription goto the YOUR TEAMS screen and press on the 3 line icon in the top left corner. Click on Restore Subscription. Note that the team information is stored locally on your phone and will therefore need to be reentered.

Can I have multiple teams?

Yes.  Click the ‘+’ button on the ‘YOUR TEAMS’ screen to create a new team. Note this feature requires a SubNow Pro subscription.


Who is behind SubNow?

Currently SubNow consists of a joint venture between Mark Jocumsen (Founder) and Eloy Brunkhoff (Developer). We split the subscription revenue 50/50. Mark looks after the marketing, testing and promotion while Eloy does the iPhone software development. Our dream is to build a viable business whereby SubNow subscriptions can support our families so we can be free to work full time on our current community building volunteer activities. This is a long way off but we are confident that if we continue to improve SubNow then this dream will one day become a reality.

How do I request new features or bug fixes?

Submit a Contact form or email Mark Jocumsen. We are determined to continually improve SubNow so any feedback, questions and feature requests are greatly appreciated. We are always looking for people to participate in designing and trialing new features & screen improvements. Please

What is the history of SubNow?

The vision for SubNow began over dinner in 2015 with family friends who also had three children playing Miniroos football. We shared our frustrations as coaches attempting to manage player rotations to ensure all parents felt their children were receiving their fair share of game time. We were sure there must be an app that made managing player rotations easy but there wasn't. There were plenty of soccer apps on the market but none did the job of telling you when and who to rotate so all players received equal time. As a Miniroos parent, coach and business consultant I felt that this is a problem that could be solved in a commercially viable manner. In 2015 I prototyped the SubNow logic and screens in using Visual Basic. I then built a business case to seek investment to get an app built. The cost of app development in Australia was prohibitive so I searched overseas before finally settling on a Norwegian developer. During 2016 he worked with me to build and launch a initial release of SubNow on iPhone and Android. Unfortunately the business model was based on selling activation codes to clubs and this violated Apple's app development rules. The cost of making SubNow compliant for sale in the App Store was to much so we made SubNow a free iPhone and Android app to test it in the market during the 2017 Australian football (soccer) season. We learned a great deal from feedback from coaches, clubs and parents during this period but we could not afford fund the development to make the improvements needed. Fortunately in mid 2017 a local iPhone developer, Eloy Brunkhoff, who was looking for his next project learned of SubNow and felt that it had real potential but needed a native iPhone version with improved usability and features. In return for the share of revenue he rebuilt SubNow for iPhone and made it saleable on the App Store. With his expertise and time commitment to the project SubNow has improved substantially via regular updates. In November 2018 we released a major update to allow customised rotation plans and have many more great features in our development pipeline.