Coming Soon..Ability for Clubs to Purchase SubNow 

The current version of SubNow is available free for Clubs to trial. Future releases will be accessed via a 12 month paid subscription. Individuals will be able to subscribe directly or obtain a login & password from their club. Please email if you would like to be contacted when club subscriptions become available.
  • Increase enjoyment for parents, players and coaches by making it easier to manage player rotations 
  • Keep parents satisfied that their children are receiving equal game time
  • Attract volunteers by making it easy and stress free to manage player substitutions  
  • Easily train your club members by using the SubNow Training Video 
  • Make it easier to encourage the use of SubNow by making it free for your members

SubNow for Clubs

SubNow is the ultimate sub timer for managing player rotations in junior or social team sports where equal game time is desired.  Club administrators benefit from knowing that an equal method of substitution is being used by all coaches and managers.   

SubNow makes managing 'subs' easy by letting you know when and who to rotate so that all players receive an equal share of game time.  


  • Sub & Game timer with prepare-subs warning 

  • Automatically calculates rotation period to give equal game time

  • Add/Delete/Save teams

  • Add/Delete/Save players

  • Set order of player rotation

  • Custom game time

  • Custom number of players on field

  • Allow for no break, 2 halves or 4 quarters

  • Auto substitutions and timer

  • Replace injured players during game play

  • Easily add players who arrive late

  • Change non-rotating goalkeepers during play (or half time)

  • Fast forward and rewind buttons for fine adjustment

  • Sound and vibration alert when rotations due

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